Ignacio M. Goyeneche

Trained as economist, traveler by conviction, and painter by instinct.

Born in San Sebastian, raised in Paris and now living between Mallorca and Madrid, his upcoming body of work is consciously informed by his travel experiences. Having worked for 15 years for Foreign Affairs magazine has allowed Ignacio to travel the world: From the steppes of  Kazakhstan, to Uzbekistan’s silk road, to Angola’s lush green highlands, to Benin's old kingdom of Dahomey ,  to the talaiotic settlements in Menorca and the mythological Aegean sea, traveling is his inspiration. 


Ignacio´ work consists of multi-colored coats of acrylic paint and ink using different techniques to create depth, texture and color variation. He seeks to bring to life vibrant, striking and thought provoking color combinations while maintaining a balance of simplicity and complexity. 

Ignacio is fascinated by the juxtaposition of simplicity within chaos. Whether it’s a peaceful park in Paris or the wild and colorful streets of Angola, his goal is to blend the two together and create something cohesive and beautiful. Time spent in Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, NYC and various urban art epicenters has also influenced his art.


"Since childhood I have been drawing with black ink and blue later on, which represents the real colour of light. The play on light, architecture and structures along with the chromatic transparency give the mystery of my compositions". Each painting invites the viewer to reflect on the dynamics of repetition and change that structure of the painting




Galeria AN - Salustiano Olazaga 5, Madrid

June 2022 "Not Just Summer" Exhibition 

Kazarian Art Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan

September 2018 "Silk Road" Exhibition 

Den Gallery, Kuwait City. Kuwait

January 2019 


Galería Sextante - Taller Arte Dos Gráfico, Bogota. Colombia

August 2016  "Unidad"

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How to buy art 

Currently my work is released periodically and in limited editions. This set up works the best for me as a business model and helps to add value to your investment in my work. To ensure the unpredictability of social media algorithms doesn’t have you missing out on my work, please sign up for the mailing list at the bottom of this page. All prints are always offered first to my mailing list, number limited edition prints usually don’t make it to my public audience. Your information and privacy will be handled and respected with the utmost care, and I am deeply grateful you are interested in my work.